Religion has changed women Pakistan’s lives

Instead of rigid lectures on the teachings of Islam, religious activities are often started with interesting topics around family relationships, roles and responsibilities of women. “Allah has given us beauty, and so we are all beautiful,” Ms. Asif opened a lecture.

With a country where the Muslim population accounts for 96% like Pakistan, the events of Islam, from prayer meetings to religious activities have become indispensable activities in religious life here.

As before, most religious events in Karachi are often presided over by older male clergy, since the arrival of female teachers, religious activities have become attractive and attracted a large number of women to attend. Ms. Asif’s lectures are becoming a factor that helps the religious life of Pakistani women change positively.

Many women share that, through religious exchanges in open exchange, they feel that Islam has become closer and closer, helping them find the purpose and direction they have not found in life. before.

Kulsoom Umar, an alumnus at the London School of Economics and former adviser to Pakistan’s development projects, said that when she first attended the Qu’ran class, she used to wear a very thin shirt, now She always wears a scarf covering her face and hair. “I used to be a very independent woman, but what Islam gives me is not a constraint, but a freedom,” Kulsoom Umar said.
The positive change in the religious life of Pakistani women has contributed to the development of the religious goods business in this country. The street, market areas have sold items, Muslim costumes are always crowded, bustling people come in and out.

This new business is catching up with the trend that more and more Pakistani women not only combine religion with life but also their lifestyle. Many women in this country are willing to spend a lot of money to own an elaborate sparkling abayas or a prayer rug set according to their own design.