4 common misunderstandings about Pakistan

Instead of thinking that this is a country full of danger, Pakistan is in fact a friendly, kind and beautiful country.

Living in Pakistan is extremely dangerous

Street crime or white-collar crime, this exists in every part of the world. However, the media has always described Pakistan as an insecure country where people always live in fear of being attacked. Terrorism is always present, but it is not totally like that. In the sightseeing areas there is always a security checkpoint and welcome visitors to this country. However, as well as traveling all over the world, visitors always need to keep alert for a safe travel.
Pakistani women are abused in their own country

The answer is yes and no, because it depends on where you go. For example, in the Balouchistan tribes, women were forced to do housework and were not allowed to go out, or bloody murders still existed in Sindh province, forced marriage, acidity, violence. However, in the main cities of Pakistan, women are encouraged to learn higher education and wear what they want (as long as they do not violate the culture). They can do whatever they like, including running to become prime minister.

Children do not have any rights

In fact, Pakistani children in big cities have the same life as children in developing countries. They are fully educated and encourage learning and doing the things they want. Not everyone in Pakistan is poor and the child may be too pampered and spoiled.
School does not exist

Again, this also depends on the region in Pakistan. Not everyone can end their studies, but does not mean schools are banned in this country. In the capital Islamabad, the literacy rate is about 87%. The country also has about 445,000 college graduates. However, Pakistan is indeed the country with the highest rate of illiterate people in the world.