Beggars also increase their rates at Jinnah Super

A new class of beggars, better to say them elite class, has emerged at Jinnah Super Market who are annoying visitors by begging for not less than twenty to fifty rupees and return your money if you give them five or ten rupees.

The visitors of this market are facing these beggars at evening hours, which are the most rushy hours of the market and surprisingly there is no one who could halt them from disturbing the visitors.

These new class of beggars are aged from five to twenty five who hang here and there freely at Jinnah Super Market.
Among these beggars most of the minor ages are boys whereas young ones are female and some of these female beggars are also holding children with them.

These beggars have another unique quality that when someone asked question about them or from where they came from, they ignored and keep repeating their words “please give us twenty rupees, we have not eaten any thing”.