Commonwealth countries laud HEC reforms

The vice chancellors of universities from Commonwealth countries appreciate the Quality Assurance QA reforms and ranking model developed by Higher Education Commission HEC Pakistan in a recent meeting of the conference of All Commonwealth Universities (ACU).

The meeting of ACU was held here at Jamaica where presence of Higher Education Commission Pakistan to represent the higher education sector of the country was noticed significantly. The presentation on QA system implemented in Pakistan and ranking model was made on the first day of the conference one in the plenary session after key note speech along with Phil Baty and Kris, leading higher education experts.

The participants and speakers of the next sessions till end of the conference kept on appreciating the methodology, approach and strategy of HEC to make rankings an internal part of the entire QA system and treating these as one of the External Quality Assurance strategies aiming at improved quality of the higher education with indigenous model equally compatible with international practices and matching with the national context.

Almost all of the delegates of developing countries in general and from South Asia and Caribbean region in particular had shown great interest to adopt the QA and the ranking model developed by HEC for Pakistan.

Finally based on overwhelming interest of the participants from all commonwealth countries and referencing by majority of the speakers, the ACU secretariat requested HEC to provide the copy of Pakistani QA system and Ranking model to be shared with all the commonwealth countries as one the best practices.

The group of vice chancellors from Sri Lanka is  already doing a consistent follow up to work with HEC further in January 2013 to adopt the similar model of ranking and QA in their country.

It is matter of pride for Pakistan that the progress made in higher education sector is being recognized as one of the rising stars in the Caribbean region and amongst all commonwealth countries as well.

It is worth mentioning that HEC has shared and led the similar model development for Islamic World and would now facilitate rest of the developing regions as they intend to follow HEC model. Finally, HEC has succeeded in getting its own Quality Assurance Model label/ brand that is being recognized globally.  The education experts term this global recognition as outcome of continuous reforms introduced by HEC during last decade aiming at improving quality of higher education and hoped that this journey of success would continue in future as well.

Since its inception, HEC has undertaken a number of practical steps towards improvement of quality of higher education and bringing Pakistani higher education sector at par with international standards.

These steps include: introducing university ranking, establishing 84 quality enhancement cells at all the public sector universities of Pakistan, developing standardized criteria for appointment/promotions of faculty members, standardizing M.Phil and PhD programs & subject classification list, notifying criteria for recognition of journals & PhD supervisors and establishment of Quality Assurance Agency etc.