Healthy Food in Pakistan (part 1)

Pakistani food is all-around and joins heaps of various vegetables. Likewise unmistakable are fish and fruit found in or around Pakistan. In contrast to its Indian neighbors, Pakistan is home to heaps of meat eaters; embellished with vegetables, flavors and soups. Numerous Pakistani dishes can likewise be the veggie lover. Pakistani meals can be high in nutrients, minerals, fiber, protein and low in fat. 

Chicken Tikka 

Chicken tikka is a dish produced using skinless, boneless breasts of chicken, covered in the paste that is spicy enough and grilled. Here, the chicken itself gives minerals, for example, iron and zinc, which are utilized to help oxygen through the body and to keep up solid hair and nails. Chicken tikka likewise contains garlic and ginger, which both convey antibacterial properties, that can help fight off a cold. The paste for chicken tikka gets bonded together utilizing yogurt, which contains the mineral calcium. Calcium attempts to guarantee the sound development and improvement of bones and teeth. Calcium is expected to forestall the advancement of fragile bones as you age. Since chicken tikka gets grilled, the dish is low in fat. 

Aaloo Palak 

Aloo “potatoes” palak “spinach,” is a veggie-lover dish typically filled in as a side dish. The potato is an extraordinary wellspring of B-nutrients. What is more, the spinach in aaloo palak contains folate, which is a B nutrient that is utilized for new cell creation and assists with staying away from congenital disabilities during pregnancy. As per Harvard Public Health, the folic acid “folate,” may likewise help diminish the danger of creating breast disease and colon cancer. Aaloo Palak contains a blend of garlic, red chilis, cumin, turmeric, and tomato. This supper that is nutrient and mineral lavish contains a modest quantity of oil, which is utilized to broil off the flavors.