India-Pakistan again fiercely fought at the border 

Intense fights between India and Pakistan are recorded at the Road of Control (LoC) in the 5.7-day dispute of Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian soldiers guarded at a location bordering Pakistan.

According to Sputnik, Indian Defense Ministry spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Devender Anand, told the IANS news agency that the Pakistani military violated the ceasefire first, when it fired mortars at LoC, at 9 pm on 5/7.

It is unclear whether someone died in the latest shootout. Pakistan’s military has not yet responded to India’s allegations. IANS said gunfights still took place all night in the Nowshera area. Indian troops also responded with rifles and mortars.

Since World War 2, India and Pakistan relations have become strained because they both claim sovereignty over Kashmir. Stress escalated after the Pakistani insurgent’s suicide attack aimed at Indian troops in the disputed area, killing 40 soldiers.

India responded with an air raid inside Pakistani territory. Under the 1972 agreement, the two sides pledged to settle disputes by bilateral dialogue, without third party involvement.

The ceasefire order until 2003 was approved by India and Pakistan. However, fighting was still scattered with both sides accusing each other of violating the ceasefire first.

Tension with Pakistan, India buys Israel’s powerful weapons

India’s Ministry of Defense bought 240 Israeli anti-tank missiles guided by Spike and 12 launchers amid a tense border with Pakistan.

Sputnik reported that, under a special provision, the deputy chief of the Indian army, Devraj Anbu, had the right to buy war materials and goods worth more than $ 70 million without going through the Ministry of Defense. Anbu is taking advantage of this right to buy Israeli reserves of guided anti-tank missiles (ATGM) amid border tension with neighboring Pakistan with no sign of cooling down.