Pakistan and the outstanding traits (part 1)

Pakistan is famous as a culturally rich and vast country. With many foods, traditions, and languages, the people here enjoy their lives to the max.

From lavish weddings to huge families living together, nothing that Pakistanis do can be considered understated.

Big-hearted and generous are some of the ways for those living here. Emotional, compassionate, and highly volatile – their motto is that the more, the merrier it is.

People here are dynamic, bold, and beautiful. It is precisely what makes them stand out. Below, we will bring you several attractive cultural traits which are particular to this country.

  1. The Extravagant Wedding

Weddings are undoubtedly a pretty big deal here. Preparations for a big wedding here are made from the day that the rishta is ‘qubooled’ aside from when a couple become engaged.

It means that choosing a venue, deciding on a menu and ordering for the bridal jora are several things that are done no fewer than six months prior to the wedding.

Elaborate mehndi nights, sangeet parties, dance preparations, as well as the beautiful bride are some exciting features of the wedding here.

There is no exaggeration to state that brides here are beautiful. The bridal salons have hair artists and specialist makeup that make sure every woman are contoured to flawlessness on their wedding.

  1. The Extended Families

One of the vital aspects of Pakistani culture is family values. Everything that they say or do depends on the suggestions and ideas by their elders. Respect for the home’s patriarch still rules supreme in a lot of households.

If there is any festivity, you can expect that every relative even from your maternal or paternal folks’ most removed side shows up at your doorstep.

For the best part, no one minds that. Everyone is warmly welcome to come.