Pakistan and the outstanding traits (part 2)


  1. The Aunty Brigade

It is another vital trait of this country’s culture. It is indeed pretty strong here.

It is possible to find them fluttering around similar to brightly colored social butterflies. The hair perfectly blow-dried or coiffed into submission with the blonde highlighting tint. Designer kurtas combined with the classiest wedges, sandals as well as the most current designer handbags.

As you can see, they are bored and rich, quite a lethal combination. A couple of them have a solid hold in society as well as dictating what is wrong or right on their terms.

Do not forget the rishta brigade. Are you single? Are you not ready to mingle? Then, you may find yourself the scrutiny object of the well-meaning aunty.

  1. Pakistan’s Foodie Culture

Being a foodie is one typical pastime for people here, and they take it seriously. They love their food, and they know the way of showing their appreciation for it.

Here, large cities are packed with food streets which are plentiful in gastronomical delights, a couple of them so yummy that you possibly feel that you have indeed tasted heaven.

It is not an exaggeration – when you visit Pakistan, be sure to throng the food streets over the different cities for getting a real idea of what mentioned here.

  1. Fashion Lawn Fever

Indeed, the lawn had one humble beginning. This one was the favorable dress for the longest time. This lightweight summer clothing was essential for people to put on during the hot days or within their homes.

As the designers chose to jump on this lawn bandwagon, it managed to explode onto this country’s fashion scene more than ever. Many billboards advertising a specific designer lawn may catch your eyes when you drive across the city. Enjoy these fantastic looks!