Pakistan attends SCO-CHG meeting hosted by India

Andleeb Abbas, the Parliamentary Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, represented the country to attend the Meeting of the Council of Heads of Government of Shanghai Cooperation Organization hosted by India through video conference yesterday.

India took over the chairmanship of the SCO Council of Heads of Government on November 2 last year as an exchange from Uzbekistan, the former chairman, and ended its year-long term by hosting the first high-level meeting since gaining full membership of the organization in 2017.

Ms Abbas emphasized the importance of SCO for the country in achieving regional stability and peace, as well as the development of closer ties with regional partners via multi-faceted connectivity. She also underscored the imperative of together creating a safe and secure neighborhood.

Condemning terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, including state terrorism against foreign nationals in conflict zones, the parliamentary secretary warned of the recent increase in acts of activism and racism, fueled by neo-Nazism and Islamophobia.

Ms Abbas emphasized the need for co-operation, co-operation and the sharing of information and technology to address Covid-19. She recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Global Initiative on Debt Relief encouraged the provision of funding to developing countries to address the negative economic impacts of the epidemic.

According to Ms Abbas, Pakistan regarded the SCO region as a pivotal link for regional integration and connectivity. Communication projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), energy projects and industrial parks lay the future of a connected region globally.

She thanked member states for supporting Pakistan’s move to form a Special Working Group (SWG) on Poverty Reduction. It will create an opportunity to share experiences and exchange ideas between SCO member states.

She also proposed the Premier’s SCO Youth Agenda proposal which focused on building relationships between educational institutions, academic provision and youth exchange programs in the field of science.

She also emphasized that Prime Minister Khanne’s action against illegal money laundering in developing countries, and the return of stolen property, would help the affected countries to pursue their development goals.

The SCO-CHG focuses primarily on economic and trade cooperation.