Pakistan effectively fights COVID-19 thanks to technology evidence based method

When many countries around the world are reporting thousands of Covid-19 infected cases per day, Pakistan seems little to worry about this pandemic as National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) reported on Wednesday that there are only 1,879 patients admitted in 734 hospitals, total confirmed cases are 276,942 with 5,909 deaths reported across the country.

That 245,438 patients recovered so far in Pakistan makes it a significant count while only 227 ventilators have been occupied out of 1,859 vents allocated for COVID-19 across the country.

All this was made possible thanks to improving testing capacity since 1,909,846 tests have been conducted with 21,256 tests in just last 24 hours and only 936 new cases were reported during last 24 hours while 21,256 tests were conducted in a day across the country.

Pakistan had moved away from the past practice of normal manual level of tackling the Covid-19 pandemic to technology evidence based method since this model had worked well in China.

Terming the country’s early success in controlling the pandemic as crushing the curve, Dr Zafar Mirza, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Health Services, said on Wednesday before resigning that they have the lowest number of deaths due to COVID-19 in the last three months and thanks to the government’s effective strategy, the infected cases of the virus were decreasing and the situation was improving in the whole country.

Pakistan relied on technology and understanding with its decision making based on information and reliable data of NCOC. The practice of correlation, collation, data collection, as well as informed decisions making helped in containment efforts.

The NCOC identified top 30 cities as the coronavirus hotspots with max infected using auto trace and NITB maps. At an average 3-8 million population with 10-30% of infected people remained under 300-500 smart lockdowns on rolling basis since the adoption of this policy in the whole country.