Pakistan opened fire, 5 Indian soldiers died 

Fighting between Indian and Pakistani soldiers in the border area sometimes happens, but Pakistan’s latest move shows that the country has “said to do”.

According to SCMP, five Indian soldiers were killed in a gun battle between Indian and Pakistani armies at the Control Line (LoC), in Kashmir. Both countries claim sovereignty over this land and India controls more densely populated areas.

Sources from the Pakistani government in Kashmir said the Pakistani military also lost 3 soldiers due to Indian artillery shelling. Indian military officials confirmed Pakistan had fired mortars and discharged rifle bullets across the border.

The clash took place in the context of the UN Security Council discussing the issue of India depriving Kashmir of autonomy. Pakistan earlier this week asked the Security Council to hold emergency meetings and condemn Indian actions.

Pakistan’s border region of Kashmir has been imposed a curfew from India since April 4.8. Crowded gatherings are prohibited, while phone lines and internet are not available.

In order to avoid an internal disturbance, India has added tens of thousands of soldiers to the region, compared to 500,000 people who are guarding permanently in Kashmir.

The clash came just a day after Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warned India about military action. Khan said Pakistan was ready to respond and did not hesitate to war “to the end”.

Kashmir has become a hotbed of contention between India and Pakistan since the British withdrew from the region in 1947. The Kashmir region has also witnessed small wars and skirmishes over the past 70 years.

The risk of Indian-Pakistani nuclear war is close

India and Pakistan are standing at the door of war, after India stripped Kashmir of autonomy, and Pakistan responded strongly.

According to Express, since the British withdrew from the region in 1947, India and Pakistan are constantly fighting each other over Kashmir. The disputed territory is currently controlled by all three states: India, Pakistan and China.