Pakistani Beauty Tips (part 1)

While India, as well as Indian women, follow many beauty regimes as well as Gharelu Nuske when their skin and hair entail, there is something about Pakistani women’s complexion that will make you go wow! Some people may say it is genetics; others say it is thanks to their food. Yet, we find it difficult to believe that they fail to have any beauty secrets for making that glow stay.

So, we dug in deep as well as researching about what they did so that they can beat the sun, chemicals, pollution, as well as the hormones and remain spotless and shine their beauty all the time. Instant results are often what you hope for, but remember that nothing changes so quickly, particularly when we are addressing some of these natural DIYs as well as Pakistani beauty hacks for fantastic skin and good hair. Do not forget that they are harmless yet not magical.

Hence, whichever tips you select to follow, be sure that you religiously do it for about five weeks to finally realize if it works for you. 

  1. For your Whiteheads and Blackheads

Let’s face it; many of you have to handle either of them, and some of you are even bothered by both of them. Whiteheads and blackheads are a constant battle – it is hard to know what to do about it. For Pakistanis, honey and cinnamon powder employed as a scrub work well to reduce them from your face.

How to do it? Create a smooth paste with both of these ingredients. Next, rub it over your face, particularly the areas which have whiteheads and blackheads. For people with oily to normal skin, wash this paste in 20 minutes or so and over time, you can expect a visible difference in your skin. Try it!