Pakistani Beauty Tips (part 4)

  1. For Your Beautiful Accentuated Eyes

What is the last-but-not-least tip and trick? How can we address Pakistani beauty secrets without talking about their focus on Surma or kohl? Eyes, as all of you know, are considered the most beautiful and endearing feature of your face. Not all, according to fabulous Pakistani beauties, hacks should be accentuated with Surma/ kohl as one regular practice.

Do you know the difference between Pakistanis and Indians when it comes to kohl/ kajal? It is that Indians think of it as one makeup product. On the other hand, people from Pakistan account for it as one natural beauty hack, which does not only soothe your tired eyes or keeps your eye infections at bay but also makes you look far more beautiful with your bigger, and much more accentuated eyes.

Why do you not give the above beauty hacks a break in this season as well as trying something new?  You see, these beauty secrets from Pakistanis seem very promising, that is why giving them a try will not disappoint you. While each of these tips seems easy and natural to add to your routine, you should make sure that you will not overdo it. You know, patience is known as the key here since your skin tends to take its little time so that it can react to anything good. Above all, we are eager to know your feedback about these beauty tricks. Also, we cannot wait to see the difference that it will be able to make to your skin and hair.

Have you followed these beauty secrets this season? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments what are the Pakistani hair care and skincare hacks that you liked and now swear by. We are happy to hear from you!