The football story in Pakistan

Like in many other countries around the world, the 2018 World Cup fever continues to spread throughout Pakistan, although cricket and hockey are the two most popular sports in the country. In the Lyari district, Pakistan’s football mecca, the love for the sport of the king has been shown even more strongly.

The Liary district in Karachi city, one of Pakistan’s worst rat neighborhoods. For the past 15 years, this neighborhood in Karachi has often appeared on the front pages of many newspapers with gang violence. But Liary is also known as the place to love football. Playing football with bare feet, an image that became very familiar in the alleys here.

Every 4 years, when the whole world is waiting for matches within the World Cup, this place becomes more peaceful. That was when people only focused on the fight on the grass field thousands of kilometers away. At this moment, the atmosphere of the World Cup is flooding around Liary district. The former ruined buildings of the district have been decorated with pictures of Worrld cups or flags of countries with teams participating in this year’s finals.

“What you see behind me is a picture of the flags of teams participating in the world cup, we have prepared a big screen for everyone to watch the matches. All the people here have a passion for football like this.If Liary is now called Russia somewhere, then people probably won’t deny it, because of our preparations for the World. cup. ”

According to the FIFA World Football Federation, the Pakistani football team has the lowest FIFA ranking position in Asia. But Liary is the birthplace of some very famous players, the foreign coaches were really impressed with their talent. That is also why the people of Liary want to use their football love to be able to create miracles, making this place no longer one of the poorest places in Pakistan.

They hope that football can first and foremost help children and young people avoid social evils. Recently an organization supporting street children in Pakistan used football to give the children of Liary the values ​​of life. Thereby they hope they can receive social values ​​and easily integrate into the community.

Most of the children participating in this program come from families with difficult circumstances such as unemployed parents or the children themselves who have committed crimes. Here they are taught social skills through football such as teamwork, cooperation, respect for others, it is important that football is helping many children change every day.