The hopelessness and loneliness of the Pakistan second tallest man

The tallest man in Pakistan – Zia Rashid (23 years old) – is only 8cm lower than the world’s tallest man. 2.43m high Zia Rashid shared about his hopeless difficulties in finding love and getting married.

Mr. Zia Rashid said, his family’s questions were always rejected by other families, mainly because of his unusual physique. “Perhaps, I should stop thinking about having a private family,” “the giant” Zia Rashid said.

Mr. Zia lives in Multan City, Pakistan. Not only was it difficult to find a mate, Zia’s daily life also had constant inconveniences. He is very hard to find suitable clothes and shoes and also very difficult to travel by public transport such as buses.
“I can’t find out what clothes and shoes are available, I want to have new clothes, I have to go to the tailor shop, I want to have shoes, I have to order the shoes. My biggest problem is being unable to travel by bus because the seat is too small for my body, “Zia said.

Mr. Zia said that when he was young, his height was nothing unusual, but when he was 10 years old, things began to change: “At age 10, my height suddenly increased, my body became weak. The doctor explained that my body is deficient in calcium. Within a year, I suddenly became the tallest person in the house.

In fact, abnormal height also made Zia unable to find a job. However, he is well known and has received a lot of invitations to attend some events in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe …

Although his life has many inconveniences and difficulties, Zia Rashid said: “I feel proud of my height, because I’m different from everyone. That gave me a lot of fun because people often walked to me and offered to take pictures with me. I get a lot of attention from people around me. ”

The current holder of a height record in the world is a Turkish farmer – Sultan Kösen (36) – 2.51m high.