The U23 Asian qualifier became unpredictable when Pakistan withdrew

Pakistan can not attend, making the situation in the U23 Asian qualifier become difficult to predict, and teachers and coaches Park Hang-seo will also face more difficulties.

The draw results put Pakistan in Group F with India, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Asian U23 qualifiers will be held from March 22 to March 26. However, this team was forced to withdraw, leaving Group F with only 3 teams.

As a rule, 11 teams in the first group and 4 teams in the best group will reach the final round, while the home team is special. Each group consists of 4 teams competing in a round robin format.

However, with only 3 teams in Group F, the group classification of the second group must change slightly. The teams finishing 2nd in each group will not be counted for the team finishing the bottom of that group.

In Group K, U23 Vietnam is in the same table with Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei. With this situation, the results with Brunei will not be taken into account, making the chances of Park Hang-seo’s teachers and students very narrow. New Indonesian opponent won the U22 tournament in Southeast Asia earlier this month.

The U23 Pakistan withdrawal comes from troubles from within the country’s Federation (PFF). Last year, the election of important positions of the PFF was carried out by a decision of the Pakistan Supreme Court.

However, FIFA still recognizes former President Faisal Saleh Hayat as head of the PFF, not the current president – Ashfaq Hussain Shah – elected in December.

As a rule, federated FIFA members are not allowed to meddle in football. Therefore, the problem for Pakistan now is that the executive body is not officially recognized, which means that the PFF cannot send representatives to compete in FIFA’s international competitions.

The next trouble is that the U23 Asian Finals of FIFA’s system are again selected as Olympic qualifiers (under the management of the Olmypic Committee). This also means that Pakistan always lost the opportunity to Tokyo in the summer of 2020.