Top Locations for adventurous sporty self travelers

Not only war, bombs, Pakistan is also a great destination for travelling

Pakistan has been ranked as the number one destination for the 2018 British Backpackers Society magazine. It also received much attention from world-famous travel sites such as Lonely Planet and Gulf News.

The ranking shows that Pakistan is the destination for adventure tours, majestic attractions and the most friendly people. This place contains magical scenery, unique and rich culture and lovely locals.

Let’s share the most interesting destinations to enjoy a self travelling trip in Pakistan.



Gilgit is the main city that you can come from any international airport, whether it be Lahore or Islamabad. You can take a bus like NATCO or Daewoo or fly from Gilgit to other locations even if flights are scheduled only once or twice a week due to weather and altitude.

The city of Gilgit is not the place where you will stay for a long time, but usually just stops by. Gilgit is the main center of the region and there are points to visit such as the Gilgit River and the statue of Buddha Kargah.

Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is an incredible place. Green meadows with high peaks in the sky make it an ideal campsite in Pakistan. From Gilgit to Fairy Meadows you have to take a two and a half-hour public bus to Ranikot bridge for about 200 rupees ($ 1.8). You can then rent a car at a cost of 7000 rupees (70 USD). If you want to save money, you can find more companions or ask for help from local people.

Gojal Valley

The Gojal Valley is a great place to explore, especially Lake Attabad, a deep blue lake formed in 2010 after a landslide. Gojal borders China, near Khunjerab Pass on Karakoram Highway and is also adjacent to Afghanistan. The Batura glacier, the farthest region in the world outside the polar region, is also in Gojal. Besides being a series of charming villages.

The regions are very diverse with landscapes of icy peaks, ferocious rivers, green grasslands and huge glaciers. If you bring a tent you can camp at any place you choose.