What next for Pakistan football? (Part 1)

It’s been three years since Pak Shaheens last played in a match at the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier against Yemen.

There have been many changes since then. The whole young generation with talented national team has wasted their talent and valuable experience in the international arena in SAFF Championship tournaments, U22 Asian Qualifiers, FIFA friendly matches, yet referring to the achievement achieved over the past decade, has been nearly destroyed.

Pakistani football has had to start from scratch and an unprecedented effort has been made. The newly restored Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has taken a good step when appointing Shahzad Anwar as Technical Director, the only person in the country to be granted the AFC Pro Coach.

What is needed now is a technical plan and establishes a vision where Pakistani football needs to go. Under Rob Baan, India pioneered the ‘Lakhshya’ plan, which highlighted an interesting problem; National teams of all ages of India are still playing under a different brand and progress on each level is quite difficult.

Although, the lack of infrastructure, football culture as well as the professionalism in football has caused a stir in India recently, the Blue Tiger still addresses those concerns well. Initiatives like the Indian Super League and the introduction of professional clubs like Bengaluru FC have highlighted the highlight. Bengaluru FC is the role model that Pakistan needs to achieve

Bengaluru FC are an example to Pakistan of what can be achieved

On the other hand, Pakistan also faces many pitfalls. The first is to bring the Pakistani national team back as soon as possible. With the de facto suspension for the past three years, most of the domestic players have not been involved in any international activity and will need to rediscover a certain performance before they can. Considered ready for the Asian Games and the SAFF Championship next September.